Standard Projects


$15 Set-Up Per Project

 One Week Turn Around  This is a highly cost effective option for getting your laser cutting project completed. With a week lead time, planning pays off with the lowest rates for laser cutting. 

 Rush Projects $4/Minute

 $30 Set-Up Per Project

 Three Day Turn Around Last minute project? Need to finish your project this week? Fast services, sourcing, and delivery to help you land your project in time, and on budget. 

 Emergency Rates $8/Minute 

$70 Set-Up Per Project

 One Day Turn Around Our emergency service is designed to offer the fastest turn around of your project at the highest quality. Perfect for last minute projects, rapid prototyping, and quick project turnaround. Notes Use Your Materials - Make sure they are listed as Laser Safe on our check list We can help your source materials like Wood & Acrylic Want to etch on a knife or a cup? We do high detail etching onto objects. Non-flat material and objects like flasks or knives have a different pricing. The set up fee is $30 and the rate is $2/minute
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